Green Plants for Corporate Offices

With the world going ‘green’ we all want to buy the perfect plant and present it to our kith and kin. Green plants make ideal corporate gifts and enliven any office environment. They are environmentally friendly and introduce a touch of nature into our busy lives. At Ferns and Petals we live and breathe plants. What better place to buy lucky green plants for gifting?

The Aloe era plant needs no introduction. Its efficacy has been extolled by health professionals across the world. The Lotus bamboo has echoes of the orient and is extremely luscious. The pink Anthurium is delicately colored and contrasted by dark green lush leaves. The Gerbera Plant N Lamp is like something out of an old fashioned fairy tale. The three layer Lucky Bamboo is a harbinger of good fortune and most homeowners like to keep at least one on the premises. The Spiral Lucky Bamboo is a variation of the same theme. This year go verdant and give the gift of green.