Want to Sleep Better? Bring These 5 Indoor Plants

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The importance of growing plants is known to everybody and needs no special introduction. From providing us our basic needs like food, clothes, and house, plants are also great for improving sleep. Some very useful indoor plants are there that can wipe away the problems you are combating with your sleep. Sleep is definitely the most important medicine for any kind of ailment. As the old saying goes, a good laugh and a good sleep solve all the problems in life.

We all are surrounded by too many levels of stress in our lives and that probably is the primary cause of lack of sleep. Apart from stress, smartphone or laptop addiction is also a major reason for not able to get proper sleep. Keeping plants in your bedroom can work wonders to combat this problem. You may bring these magical indoor plants and enhance a better sleep or gift it to your friends and family!

Lavender Plant


The pleasing appearance and a soothing fragrance of a lavender flower take your mind away from the stress. Many research over the years has proved that this enticing fragrance of lavender lowers blood pressure, diminishes stress, and lowers the accelerated heartbeat. Want to know more magical information? If your baby cries a lot or wakes up from sleep with a shriek, just place a lavender plant and see the magic. The sweet smell of lavender works as a soothing lullaby for babies. If you look around the market, you would get many lavender-based products like the lavender scented mattress, lavender soap bar, essential oil, etc. But the effect of a lavender plant is unparalleled. So, place this indoor plant right in your bedroom or on your balcony and live a stress-free life.

Peace Lily Plant

Peace Lily:

The flower of this plant looks quite interesting! These Peace Lilies are not True Lilies but they belong to Araceae family. Why this plant works wonderfully to enhance sleep? There are too many chemicals that surround us even at home and they somehow augment the stress level in us. This plant absorbs harmful chemicals like benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde and provides you a better environment to sleep. The peace lily flowers enhance the moisture content of your room and eat away the airborne allergy causing microbes. If your family member suffers from the bad throat or dry nose, that is also treated by this plant.

Golden Pothos Plant

Golden Pothos:

Hunter’s robe, ivy arum, devil’s vine, devil’s ivy, silver vine, Solomon Islands ivy and taro vine are some other names given to this plant. The scientific name is Epipremnum aureum. This plant has gorgeous heart-shaped leaves and keeping it at home is one of the best ways to purify the air. The best thing about this indoor plant is that you don’t need to invest much time in taking care of this plant. Keep it in sunlight for just a couple of hours and water it once a week and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera:

One of the prime reasons behind disturbed sleep is the lack of oxygen. It is this lack of oxygen that often prompts us to feel stressed or anxious. The benefit of keeping this indoor plant, Aloe Vera is that it releases oxygen at night which provides a serene environment to fall asleep. The Egyptians named Aloe Vera “Plant of Immortality”. Why? Because it reproduces very easily. But only one Aloe Vera plant to keep near the window pane and very soon you would get much more for all the rooms. Just keep in mind that this plant requires direct sunlight! Apart from providing you a great sleep, you can also use the Aloe Vera gel to treat your skin and hair.

Gardenia Plant


The two striking features of Gardenia – the glossy green leaves and an enchanting fragrance. As direct sunlight is harmful to this plant, you must avoid your balcony or window pane. So, keep it in a shady place. Gardenia has been proven to be the best natural remedy for insomnia and other sleeping disorder. Just make sure your room is a bright one with lots of air and see how beautifully you overcome your challenge of sleeping. Some researchers also claim that Gardenia may be as operative as Valium in shrinking your anxiety and enhancing sleep. So, stop taking sleeping pills and bring this beautiful indoor plant home today!

One actually cannot control stress because life is really unpredictable and stress is one of the prime cause of all sleep-related problems. But, in a noble way, we all can try to mitigate that.  A good sleep of 6-8 hours gives us energy to handle every challenge life throws at us. So, sleep well by bringing these beneficial indoor plants at home!

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